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Branding 101: Managing your brand

14 August 2015 by in category Branding tagged as

You can't "fix" a brand over night. It's an ongoing process! Managing your brand requires commitment, passion and a long-term strategy. If implemented effectively, your brand will grow stronger and develop with your company. It will possibly evolve as you become more and more comfortable with your brand as a marketing tool. Part V: Managing [...]

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Branding 101: The brand jigsaw

7 August 2015 by in category Branding tagged as

Brand or Corporate Identity is the way your company appears to the outside world. The symbolism that allows your audience to visually recognise you in the market place. Your brand identity needs to be consistent across the board, wherever it appears. In all visual communication; business cards, letter head, company clothing, website etc. It is [...]

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