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WordPress migration from HTTP to HTTPS

26 September 2016 by in category WordPress Maintenance tagged as , ,

WordPress migration from HTTP to HTTPS can give you a lot of headaches if you are not sure what you are doing. We went through this process recently, and decided to save your troubles if you plan to implement an SSL encryption on your website soon. Here is a detailed guide on how to successfully switch [...]

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Freshdesk Themes: Ready-made and custom FreshThemes

22 September 2016 by in category Branding, Freshdesk Branding tagged as , ,

There are numerous benefits of branding your Freshdesk support site. Using pre-existing templates - ready-made Freshdesk themes - is one of the ways you can customize your self-help support portal. Another, more advanced method, is branding your Freshdesk site using a custom Freshtheme. In the following article, you will learn everything you need to know about [...]

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Using a Grid System in a Website Layout

14 September 2016 by in category WordPress Design tagged as , ,

Most modern websites are built using a grid system. Grids allow for scalable and consistent layout on every device and, since responsiveness became a web standard, they have become more important than ever. Find out more about grid system and ways to benefit from a grid-based website layout. Principles of design and page layout There are [...]

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The Complete Guide: WordPress Maintenance Mode

5 September 2016 by in category WordPress Maintenance tagged as , ,

WordPress Maintenance Mode is a very useful feature, used when performing various maintenance tasks on your website. In this article, we will explain in detail when and how to use maintenance mode, how to customise it, and what to do if your site gets stuck in maintenance mode during an update. What is WordPress Maintenance Mode? WordPress Maintenance Mode [...]

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