Our purplebrand MindTouch branding service

MindTouch Branding Service

Seamless MindTouch customization which ensures an instant brand recognition

A consistent brand experience for your customers.

Represent your brand professionally in all channels. Deliver a clear and positive picture of your brand identity with our MindTouch branding service.

  • Professional appeal

  • The best branding practices

  • Future-proof updates

  • Approved by MindTouch

What purpleplanet can do for you

Help your customers feel safe and confident they are in the right place by choosing purpleplanet for your MindTouch branding requirements. Starting with implementation of your corporate identity and logo, to give visitors brand familiarity, we are able to style your MindTouch system to the very fine details, so much so that it will fit seamlessly within your web portfolio.

Some of the standard branding includes:

  • Company Logo
  • Font Choice
  • Custom Header
  • Custom Footer
  • Content Styling (CSS)
  • Custom Homepage
  • Custom Category Page
  • Custom Guide Page
  • Custom Article Page
  • PDF Styling (CSS)

We are also experts in taking MindTouch systems to the next level, to include slideshows, custom menus, downloads pages, and expanding on standard MindTouch functionality, such as Paths.

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purpleplanet customization productions

Some of the latest MindTouch branding projects, created by purpleplanet.

Why MindTouch branding works

Your MindTouch self-service desk is usually the primary communication channel with your customers. A successfully-branded MindTouch portal will make your customers feel more connected with your corporate identity and help you:

Promote your Brand Personality
Promote your Brand Personality

A brand is one of the most valuable assets of your business, and it is immensely important to be easily recognized in all channels.

Strengthen Credibility
Strengthen Credibility

Professional and authentic appearance allow you to position your brand and differentiate your company from competitors.

Build Loyalty
Build Loyalty

Branding helps you craft the best perception of your company and build sustainable, profitable and long-lasting relationships with your customers.

Increase Sales and Market Share
Increase Sales and Market Share

Customer loyalty to your brand will help you penetrate the market more effectively and increase your market share.

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What our customers think about purpleplanet

We were looking for an affordable web page design contractor who was experienced in working with MindTouch and its design/scripting language.

purpleplanet was knowledgable about MindTouch’s own proprietary scripts, as well as web design in general. They were able to create the designs we wanted, based on our mockups, with a high level of fidelity and flexibility.

purpleplanet provided affordable high-quality web design work that improved our site’s branding, look-and-feel, and interface.

Travis Ward

Technical Writing Supervisor

Kinnser Software

Our core requirements when hiring purpleplanet were MindTouch branding and custom, reusable UI components.

purpleplanet was really responsive to on-the-fly requests and did a great job branding our site.

Love what these guys did for us. Dekiscript Ninjas!

James Laframboise

Documentation Manager

Coupa Software

We contracted purpleplanet to rebrand our new help portal for customers at Projectplace.

As the only company located in Europe that could rebrand sites based on MindTouch, purpleplanet had already rebranded many support sites and were recommended directly by MindTouch. They simply knew the product, which was very important, as we had a complex branding issue to solve with many product sites within one installation.

purpleplanet are nice people to work with, competent, easy to communicate with and great problem solvers.

Silvija Doncev

Customer Experience Designer

Planview, Inc.

Build your credibility with our MindTouch branding service

Professional Advice
Professional Advice

During our time working closely with MindTouch, we’ve learned what is possible and what isn’t, so we’re perfectly positioned to offer you advice and discuss branding ideas before starting the project.

Save Time
Save Time

Our extensive experience in branding customer support sites, and the knowledge how to best utilize the MindTouch framework, significantly decreases the time needed for modifications.

Improved Customer Experience
Improved Customer Experience

Direct connection with the developer team at MindTouch enables us to provide high-quality solutions with absolute certainty that we are offering the best possible customization work, approved by MindTouch themselves.

Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind

Wherever possible, we keep the branding code in CSS, and ensure your MindTouch installation is “future-proof” – Future MindTouch updates seamlessly working on your site.