Why keep WordPress updated?

4 key benefits for keeping your WordPress updated

A well-planned, well-developed WordPress site can provide value for years after it goes live, regardless of whether you choose to make ongoing changes and improvements or not. It is, however, extremely important that your core code, and any plugins and themes are kept up-to-date for several reasons.


The most important reason to have your WordPress updated regularly is to keep the code as secure as possible. WordPress, along with many other forms of CMS (Content Management System), is a known target for hackers. The WordPress security team works continually to identify and fix security risks and holes. These fixes are released as official WordPress updates. Neglecting them leaves your site more prone to hacking. Any successful attack will most likely have serious implications on your business. As a result, it will leave you open to potentially losing confidential client information, site downtime or inappropriate content being uploaded to your site. Any unauthorised changes will obviously require time and money to fix.


The WordPress core development team spend a great amount of time making their code faster and more efficient. It’s a developer thing – we always want our code to be as streamlined as it possibly can be. Keeping your WordPress updated means that your site is performing as well as it can.


Major releases of the WordPress core code generally include improved functionality and updated tools, allowing administrators to get more from their site. The core updates make the CMS quicker and simpler to use, encouraging users and administrators to interact more with the website.


Furthermore, you may want more significant changes making to your site. As the core code is updated, new versions of plugins are released to make the most of the central framework. As a result, a change or addition to your site may require the use of a plugin that will only run on the latest core WordPress code. By keeping your WordPress updated, you’re staying ahead of the game. You are giving yourself much more choice when it comes to adding features in the future. Only updating on an infrequent basis would inevitably require a much more complex maintenance procedure to get all core and plugin code up to date.

These are just the main reasons why WordPress maintenance is important – your website is an essential part of your business, therefore look after it!

Mission Control

Fortunately, purpleplanet has a solution for you, which we call Mission Control. We will take all the headaches of updating, backing-up and maintaining your WordPress website off your hands, utilising a tailor-made control panel to constantly monitor and update your website.

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