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Projectplace is a Web-based project management tool, available as a subscription service from the Swedish application service provider, Projectplace International AB. Launched in September 1998, it was one of the first hosted Web applications available on a pay-per-use basis.

Today, the service is available in seven languages and has been used by over 900,000 users. The Projectplace software provides a suite of project management tools, developed on the beliefs of social project management.

The Challenge Icon

The Challenge

This one was a challenge! Projectplace is one of several services offered by As such, Planview decided to run a single MindTouch installation, with child sites for each of those services. The individual sub-sites, however, needed to remain functionally separate, and be styled according to the branding for each of those services.

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The Solution

Aside from conquering the issue of what is effectively top-level category-specific CSS, we also had to include some non-standard functionality, including:

  • Pre-formatted callouts for Tips, Notes and Warnings
  • Code block formatting
  • Embedded videos from a video CDN source
  • MindTouch Paths as a side panel

We also used some simple jQuery to move elements around the page, in order to match up with the client’s specific wireframe wishes.

Projectplace Project Screenshot

This is a custom pre-formatted block for a Tip. We were able to setup a conditional style, so that site administrators and editors can simply highlight a block of text and apply the style, which will add all the colours, icon, spacing, etc. to produce the desired result.

Read more about MindTouch Custom Styles

MindTouch Paths are now a core element of the system, but Projectplace wanted to have the Path steps on the side of the article, as opposed to just at the top, where they are by default. This was achieved with some Javascript, custom CSS and lots of coffee!

Read more about MindTouch Paths

icon feedback

Silvija Doncev

Customer Experience Designer

We contracted purpleplanet to rebrand our new help portal for customers at Projectplace.

As the only company located in Europe that could rebrand sites based on MindTouch, purpleplanet had already rebranded many support sites and were recommended directly by MindTouch. They simply knew the product, which was very important, as we had a complex branding issue to solve with many product sites within one installation.

purpleplanet are nice people to work with, competent, easy to communicate with and great problem solvers.



Many thanks! We'll be in touch soon.

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