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WordPress is an open-source content management system or blog engine based on PHP and MySQL. Millions of websites use this system as it is the most popular in the world. WordPress has a plugin architecture and a template system we can brand to suit your own business.

Custom Design & Build

We’re WordPress experts, so purpleplanet can build your website from scratch or redesign existing templates to meet your layout and style requirements. We work with you to develop a website that positions your company as a leader in its field, which resonates with your target audience, and aims to generate leads and traffic.

All of our sites are responsive – we make sure that your customers get the best experience, no matter what size their screen is. We take great pride in our work and strive to offer the client more value than they are expecting in every project we’re part of. When building a website, we generally take an existing template (or at least the framework for that template) and design and build on top of that. The frameworks are very flexible and well-built and save time (and money!) as there is no need to build everything from scratch.

Other Web Services

Plugin Development

There are thousands of excellent plugins available for WordPress, but there may be a time when you’ll need something specific, that isn’t already covered by this extensive list. We’ve got your back.

SEO & Google Analytics

“I want to be on the first page on Google searches…” We’ve heard this a lot doing our years of developing all kinds of websites. We will do our best to give you the best start to achieving this goal, although there are many SEO experts who do nothing but work with your content on a regular basis, tweaking and shaping it to achieve your search requirements.

We will also set the website up with Google Analytics, so that you can track your website traffic.

Website Updates & Fixes

Whilst we love building websites from the ground up, there are often cases where a site you already have has an issue or two. Ask us to take a look and we’re pretty likely to say yes!

Read more about WordPress maintenance using purpleplanet Mission Control.

Migration to WordPress

If you have an existing website, and want to upgrade to a WordPress website, or you are hosted on WordPress.com and want to move to a dedicated host, then we can handle the entire migration for you.

Wordpress Design & Development

WordPress Design
& Development

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Custom Design

Custom Website Build

Custom Page Templates

Trusted Plugin Use

Initial Content Addition

Fully Responsive

eCommerce Integration

HTML5 & CSS3 compatible

Mission Control

WordPress Maintenance

Mission Control WordPress MaintenanceRead more about Mission Control, our WordPress maintenance service that will keep your website healthy, safe and optimized.

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WordPress Design & Development

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How we charge for what we do...

purpleplanet charges on a Time & Materials basis. We’ve found this works best for all parties, as we get paid for exactly what we’ve done and you only pay for the work completed.

The cost per hour is $100.00 USD. Standard procedure is to invoice for 50% of the estimated project cost before work begins. The actual remainder is then invoiced as the closing balance, once work is complete and signed-off.

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