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The cloud-based customer service and support ticket software by Zendesk can be fully customised to identify your brand or business.

Whether you use the web portal as a support, self-help, self-service helpdesk or a knowledge base platform, your Zendesk web portal can be modified to match the look of your company’s website, in order to inspire customer or team confidence when using the portal, and so keep visitors engaged.

As explained in “What is a brand?”, branding is very important for your business. Branding forms associations and recognition in the minds of your clients and potential customers. You’ve possibly spent a lot of money working on your brand strategy, defining your brand to make sure that you stand out from your competitors, so that your customer can identify you immediately. It makes sense, therefore, to bring those values over to your Zendesk portal, so a visitor will be immediately aware that they are on one of your websites.

Zendesk Branding

Branding takes place by adding your brand or business name, logo, fonts and colours, then by delving deep into the CSS code to skin your web portal and make it your own.

The HTML for the help centre can be edited and will change the layout of each page type.

We can customise the following in this way:

  • The help centre home page
  • Category landing pages in the knowledge base
  • Section landing pages in the knowledge base
  • Article pages in the knowledge base
  • The search results page
  • The error page
  • The header and footer

In order to fully benefit from all the styling and branding possibilities, you will need to have one of the following plans:

  • Team
  • Professional
  • Enterprise

The Professional and Enterprise levels also offer the option to multibrand, which allows for unique branding on several front end portals, based on a single Zendesk installation.

Zendesk Branding

Zendesk Branding

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Zendesk Branding

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How we charge for what we do...

purpleplanet charges on a Time & Materials basis. We’ve found this works best for all parties, as we get paid for exactly what we’ve done and you only pay for the work completed.

The cost per hour is $100.00 USD. Standard procedure is to invoice for 50% of the estimated project cost before work begins. The actual remainder is then invoiced as the closing balance, once work is complete and signed-off.

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