Website Insurance: Why you should invest in the maintenance of your website

Today, having a website is more important than ever. The majority of business decisions start with an online search. For this reason, you want to present your business through your own website, so your potential customers don’t have to read about you from secondary sources. You have probably insured other things that important to you: your car, your home, maybe even your life – but what about website insurance?

Website insurance

To find out about your company, the first thing someone will do is go online and search for your business. It is imperative to have an appealing and professional website, which reflects your corporate branding, and presents your business accurately and in the best light, but above all, it has to be easily accessible 24/7, and function well at all times.

If something breaks, it will reflect poorly on your company image and leave your visitors frustrated and unsatisfied. For many potential clients or customers, your website will be the first impression of your company. Do you want to risk leaving them with a negative image, when deciding whether or not to pursue doing business with you?

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This is why your marketing budgets need to be explicitly assigned and allocated for:

  • building a website
  • ongoing maintenance of that website

Due to the lightning speed of technology development, with new browsers created and existing ones constantly being updated and enriched with new features, new devices coming out on the market, as well as WordPress versions and plugins updates, etc., it is very hard to ensure that a website will work flawlessly all the time. However, you can minimize the possibility of occurring problems with regular and quality maintenance, and in terms of conserving a positive brand image and saving money, minimizing problems makes a big difference.

How much is website insurance worth?

When you come to think of how much website insurance is worth to you, you need to ask yourself these questions;

  • How much value do you see in your website’s correct performance and the information you have gathered on your website?
  • How much do you value the positive image of your brand and company?

If you are unable to answer these questions quickly, below are five primary reasons why website insurance is equally as important as having a website.

5 reasons you should invest in the maintenance of your website

1. Customer interest

If your customers, present and potential new ones, can’t reach you, they will be forced to look for an alternative. They might go to the competition for only this one time, but if the problem persists, you might lose them forever.

2. Search engine ranking

Malware infected websites, and websites with long downtimes are getting downranked, sometimes even deindexed. It can take a long time to get your website’s ranking back where it was before the problem occurred.

3. Missed income

Consider how much money you lose for every hour your website does not work as expected.

4. Corporate image

Bear in mind how this affects your online image and the perception of the website and your business. If your website is unstable, breaks down, or is not often accessible, it will shake trust even in your loyal customers.

5. Time investment

How much time (and time is money) will you waste fixing these problems?

purpleplanet Mission Control

Now that that the importance of regularly maintaining a website has become clearer, let us compare the regular maintenance service most hosting companies offer, with our superior Mission Control maintenance service.

Benefits of a WordPress maintenance service

There are numerous benefits to proper maintenance of your website. Here are some of the most important:

  • you won’t have to worry about site-hacking attacks
  • reliable backups will ensure the security of your data and files
  • you will get instant notifications if a problem occurs
  • you’ll be able to manually put the website in maintenance mode and have a custom maintenance page
  • in-depth analysis and SEO recommendations will guide you on how to improve your content
  • if anything happens, purpleplanet will respond promptly to handle the problem

What could happen if your website is not fully protected

Just a few days ago, one of my old clients called me with an emergency – in the middle of an important, ongoing campaign her website broke!

The website was still accessible, but the design was entirely broken, videos were not showing, and it took over 18 seconds for the front page to load. She had to stop all paid ads across platforms to minimize the damage before I was able to fix things.

Website insurance - what might happen if your website is not fully protected

She was very sorry for the previous decision not to invest money in website maintenance. Though her website worked without any problems for months, these few hours cost her a lot more than she saved by not investing into maintenance, not to mention the stress she put herself through, and the damage to her brand image.

Lesson learned the hard way!

This is only an example, and not even a particularly terrifying one. There are so many variables that can cause far more distressing consequences.

If you decide not to maintain your website regularly, it could hurt your business in many ways. Sometimes you may not even be aware that you are losing money due to decreasing search engine ranking, or your website being slower than an average visitor is willing to wait. When it comes to functionality, parts of your website (signup forms, registrations, logins) might stop working properly for a long time before you even notice. Worst of all, your website might get hacked and be inaccessible for days, and you might even lose all of your valuable content.

Don’t risk losing potential customers and money over inadequate website maintenance. Contact us today and we will ensure that your website has the best performance, and functions well at all times.