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How MindTouch Branding Boosts Your Business [Infographic]

Find out how professionally-implemented MindTouch branding can help you promote your brand personality and build loyalty with your customers.

How to optimize website’s speed and performance

Optimize website's speed and performance to enhance user experience, amplify customer's retention and increase ROI. Learn these 20 tips to have the fastest

9 reasons why having a website is crucial for your business

Having a website became one of the first priorities when starting a business. Here are 9 reasons why having a website is crucial for your company.

Website Insurance: Why you should invest in the maintenance of your website

Website insurance; The majority of business decisions start with an online search. Don’t risk losing customers and money over inadequate website maintenance

WordPress migration from HTTP to HTTPS

WordPress migration from HTTP to HTTPS can give you a lot of headaches. Here is a detailed guide on how to successfully switch from HTTP to HTTPS!

Freshdesk Themes: Ready-made and custom FreshThemes

Using a preexisted templates - Freshdesk themes, is one of the ways you can brand your support portal. In the following article, you will find everything

Using a Grid System in a Website Layout

Grid system allows scalable and consistent layout on every device. Find out more about grid system and ways to benefit from a grid based website layout.

The Complete Guide: WordPress Maintenance Mode

In this article, you will learn when and how to use WordPress maintenance mode, how to customize it and what to do if your site gets stuck in maintenance...

Freshdesk Branding for Enhanced Customer Success

Freshdesk branding is a great foundation for your online presence. Customers who visit your Freshdesk site are looking for help. It's a perfect opportunity

Everything You Need To Know About WordPress Website Maintenance

The #1 reason a WordPress website gets hacked is an outdated code. If you neglect WordPress website maintenance for a longer period, you are risking all...

How To Get The Best Out Of MindTouch Templates

MindTouch templates will help you organize your documentation and simplify the publishing process. Learn how to get the best out of MindTouch Templates.

Increase Your Customer Success With MindTouch Customization

MindTouch customization is an essential part of your brand appearance. Learn how to implement MindTouch customization to increase your customer success!

Best WordPress maintenance mode plugin selection 2017

WordPress maintenance mode plugin selection is based on plugin's popularity, reviews and ratings, regular updates and the most important - compatibility.

Time to update your website

Is your website older than 3 years? Here are common reasons that show you it is time to update your website; mobile, size, speed, seo, graphics, flash...

Boost your business with social media

Boost your business with social media! 9 ways how to grow your business through social media activities; promotion, brand campaigns, customer service...