Once on the website, visitors can immediately see that Datastream is a reliable, well-established data management company. Clean, modern, welcoming images, combined with well-grouped information and services, all within just one or two clicks from first paint.

To break in the online market of data providers, Datastream needed a modern website that would build trust and confidence in a reliable and secure partner, and give a clear understanding of all services provided, despite their complexity.

We were hired by our agency partner, Sharkey Advertising, to develop a new online presence. purpleplanet was tasked with using the Datastream logo and colour palette to create a sleek, modern and high-quality website experience.


purpleplanet designed and built a new website with a well-thought information architecture, to achieve great user experience.

The set of colours was chosen to associate the company with confidence and reliability, having a bright emphasis to capture the attention to the most important information.

The new logo is designed to support the main idea of a new website – reliability and clarity.

Brand Style Guide

The shades of blue used as the leading colours of the website are not there by coincidence. Blue is the most universally-favoured colour and the safest to use. It represents trust, honesty, and reliability, therefore helping to build customer loyalty. Orange, as a great contrast to blue, is selected to highlight poignant information.
Freight Sans Pro
Freight Sans follows a humanist logic suitable for text, display, and way-finding, and features an extensive character set, comprising roman, italic, small caps, italic small caps, and old style and tabular figures, in five precisely tuned weights.
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