GE Transportation

GE Transportation

GE Transportation

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GE came to us with the goal of making all their transportation information easily available in one website portal. The focus of the site should be a blog and forum, to allow users to discuss and comment on industry updates, or to post and answer questions of their own.


After discussions with the client, we decided to use a “tabbed” system, which allows visitors to first choose an industry within the transportation portfolio, and then to read blog posts, browse products and services, download resources, and discuss with GE staff and other industry professionals via a forum. This tabbed approach allows us to use the same area of the website to display the relevant content, as the choice of tab updates the information shown.

Use of the GE Inspira font, plus corporate colours in appropriate places makes content presentation clear and well-defined.

Brand Style Guide

We were provided with detailed designs to build out this site, which included a full corporate colour palette, from which the design took it's direction.
GE Inspira
The GE Inspira sans-serif is a contemporary layout with open apertures, diffused curved details, and barely rounded corners and terminals. All four styles (ordinary, italic, bold, formidable italic) are optimised for use within the smallest sizes — e.g. In labels, listings or tables — in addition to clear rendering on low-resolution monitors.
Helvetica is a ‘Grotesque’ sans serif typeface. It was created in the 1950s to meet the demand for sans serif typefaces in the tradition of the International Style of graphic design. Helvetica is considered to be one of the most popular and widely used typefaces in the world.
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