HeroLeads.de is a bilingual, single-page WordPress website with the addition of a blog section. Every element is custom-designed and coded from scratch. Elementor builder is integrated for easy ongoing management.

HeroLeads client wanted to use a “hero” as the main theme for the website, to reflect their brand name and identity but without any cartoonish elements so the website could convey trust and professionalism. The client had specific ideas about how each element on the website should be presented but gave us full creative freedom to come up with the best solutions that would meet their requirements. One of the requirements was to custom code the whole website from scratch in combination with Elementor builder, so it would be very simple for them to publish new content and do smaller changes in the future.


This project started with the creation of a new logo that gave the direction for the website colour palette, look and feel. The whole website is a single-page with the addition of a blog that allows further growth and traction of organic traffic. To enhance clarity and make sure none of the sections appear text-heavy, we organised different text areas into content cards. Brand congruency is ensured through the consistent use of colours and branding elements, such as the lightning bolt, instead of bullet points, taken from the logo. To serve English and German audiences we used the WPML plugin, which enables a simple language switch and SEO rankings for the content in both languages.

Brand Style Guide

"We want a hero that is friendly and approachable but professional and serious." - that's the instruction we got for the logo creation. "Wow, I thought it will be impossible, but you absolutely nailed it!" - The exact words from our client after the final logo had been delivered!

Initially, the client didn't specify any preferred colours for the creation of the logo but had referenced a couple of websites where red was one of the dominant colours. After the red/grey logo colour combination was approved, we used it as a basis for the website colour palette.
Fieldwork’s shapes successfully combine geometric strokes with the humanistic warmth of the double-storey glyphs, in a system that grows with alternates, swashes and italics for every weight.
Matt and his team did an amazing job with our logo design and the website build. In the beginning, we only had a vague idea of how the website should look but with very specific requirements that were not easy to meet. The purpleplanet team exceeded all expectations and we couldn't be happier with the final result. They are true specialists in every aspect of design and development and always put our interests first.

Even weeks after the project was over, they were happy to make small changes we asked for, without any charges. I can warmly recommend them to anyone who needs a beautiful, functional, and professionally-built website.
Vladimir Leutar HeroLeads - CEO/Owner
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