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MindTouch branding – August 2016

Kinnser Software, Inc. was founded in 2003 to create solutions that deliver clinical and business results to the home health industry. Today, Kinnser is the fastest-growing software in home health, and leads the industry in innovative, web-based home health software and world-class customer support.

We were initially approached by Kinnser Software back in December 2014. They were a reasonably new MindTouch customer, and wanted to discuss a rebranding of their MindTouch 4 system. Things were put on hold, as the client decided to wait until MindTouch Responsive become available.

When we started the MindTouch Responsive branding, Kinnser provided designs for each of the levels of the system, which were used as the basis for the build. This is a bright, bold design, with several custom features added to the existing MindTouch framework:

  • Customized portfolio branding
  • Rollover on category icons, to show sub-level pages
  • A list of guides on the same level as the currently viewed guide page
  • A custom Requirements block and highlighted callouts on article-level pages

The project took around 8 weeks from contract sign-off to going live, and the client is extremely happy with the results, especially the manner in which we’ve achieved the customer requirements not included in the standard MindTouch framework.

Kinnser Software now has a modern, quick, informative customer success portal, from which their clients will benefit for some time.

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