Dive into the atmosphere of harmony that OneVoice music brings. Stay up to date with OneVoice releases, events and news in our cool, modern, club-vibe website design.

The world of college and high school a cappella is extremely competitive, with many events held annually that showcase the talents of these incredible students. Many are performing professionally, and require the appropriate marketing means by which to advertise their services.

Recognising this, Briarcrest OneVoice knew that they needed to enhance their website’s user experience, to cater for fans of the group as well as potential paying customers.


The OneVoice website is now its own professional web presence, instead of just a part of the Briarcrest Christian High School website. Our new design utilises some great images of the group, and is fully responsive, allowing visitors to seamlessly interact from any device.

The site features a music catalogue, a merchandise store, bios of the current group members, plus technical information, which is required for those all-important events and gigs.

Brand Style Guide

Our design takes visitors on stage and under the spotlights, using a greyscale and bright lights atmosphere to represent the group in their performing glory.
An unmannered sans serif with a large lowercase, clear gestures, and generous fit, Gotham is naturally at home in the widest range of sizes. Owing to its short ascenders and descenders, Gotham sits ‘large on the body,’ appearing bigger than expected at text sizes, and inviting tight leading.
Open Sans
Open Sans was designed with an upright stress, open forms and a neutral, yet friendly appearance. It was optimised for print, web, and mobile interfaces, and has excellent legibility characteristics in its letterforms.
Our main requirement when hiring purpleplanet was to create a website that engages with content and calls to action.

The solution that purpleplanet provided allows for ease of updating and customer interaction.

This project helped take the guesswork out of web design – purpleplanet enabled us to realise our online presence!
J.D. Frizzell OneVoice - Director
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