Freshdesk Branding

Freshdesk branding – July 2016, Inc. is a US-based multinational computer technology corporation that provides online tech support. It is headquartered in Redwood City, California, USA. provides online computer support to consumers and home-based business across the United States and Canada via remote access.

Our main point of contact at is a good friend of purpleplanet, having worked with us on many MindTouch branding projects over the years. It’s a testament to our work that, upon moving to this new role, he decided to take purpleplanet with him as his chosen branding resource. provided purpleplanet with a beautiful design, which we were asked to build into a new Freshdesk portal. We were able to discuss these designs, and how best to implement them, whilst visiting the client’s headquarters in Redwood City.

When it comes to branding, Freshdesk provides several challenges, so we were very happy to be able to meet all the client’s requirements, and also offer some alternatives to issues previously thought unsolvable. are extremely pleased with the results, and have already received praise from Freshdesk for the quality of their new support portal branding.

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