purpleplanet – a team of passionate professionals

about purpleplanet team

The company is officially a one-man show, which utilises the skills of highly-skilled professionals on a project basis. This means that purpleplanet can always provide the right person for every job, without the need to employ a huge staff and risk losing the personal relationship with the client.

Matt Atherton

When not singing a cappella or building his latest LEGO creation, Matt manages the team, the projects, the customers and the budget. He does most of the design, too.

Pavol Bobula

Our self-confessed “professional father” is also our WordPress wizard. Once we have a design, Pavol puts all the pieces of the puzzle together and the final picture generally exceeds all expectations.

Kristina Culi

Selling the company’s services, writing excellent content, and finding potential clients is all in a day’s work for our SEO and marketing expert. It’s all about Customer Success!

Richard Abrams

Musician? Conductor? Actor? MindTouch and Freshdesk Brander! Multi-talented Richard is responsible for several of our best MindTouch systems. If it’s not in MindTouch, let Richard build it for you.