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We are committed to creating stunning, user-friendly, and accessible websites that drive business growth and success.

Our Company

I estab­lished pur­pleplan­et in 2005, with a long-term vision to pro­vide web solu­tions and ser­vices to small and medi­um com­pa­nies, with­out los­ing the per­son­al touch of a trust­ed project manager.

Today, the com­pa­ny is a full-ser­vice team of hand-picked, extreme­ly-skilled and pas­sion­ate web experts. Our team spe­cialis­es in design, devel­op­ment, brand­ing, dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing, and estab­lish­ing and strength­en­ing online presence.

By attract­ing and hir­ing top tal­ent from all over Europe, pur­pleplan­et ensures agency pro­fes­sion­al­ism and qual­i­ty com­bined with a high lev­el of ded­i­ca­tion to each client and their project.

We look for­ward to work­ing with you soon!

Our Mission

improving the internet,
one website at a time

We create websites that are:
Beautiful Beautiful
Visually appealing web design that is aligned with your brand look and feel and communicates your brand values
Functional Functional
Friendly user experience with excellent information architecture, performing well on all devices
Targeted Targeted
Built with your overall business and marketing goals in mind
Once your web project is complete, our support doesn’t end. We will be with you as long as you need us to help with website maintenance. We want to ensure top performance at all times. We will be there to support you with any other website and marketing activities that strengthen your online presence and help your business grow.
The Imaginauts
Meet the imaginauts. A hand-picked group of highly-skilled design, development, and digital marketing professionals. Whether it’s a new brand, a logo design, a web layout or a website build, or ongoing marketing and search engine support, the purpleplanet crew have it covered. We can always provide the right person for every job. There is need to employ a huge staff and risk losing the personal relationship with the client.
Agnieszka Swiderska
Agnieszka Swiderska Agnieszka Swiderska
Project Management & Digital Marketing Imaginaut
When Aga is not sitting in front of her computer, she is usually travelling or doing sports. She loves to ski, climb mountains and skate, and is an international figure skating judge, which takes her all over the globe, not least for regular judging of European and World Championships.
Matt Atherton
Matt Atherton Matt Atherton
Founder & Chief Imaginaut
When not singing a cappella or building his latest LEGO® creation, Matt manages the team, the projects, the customers and the budget. He dabbles in design now and then too.
Sam Daly
Sam Daly Sam Daly
Business Operations Imaginaut
Aside from having to look after 8 animals (3 cats, 2 dogs and 3 rabbits), Sam loves going out dancing with friends, reading and travelling, especially to places with lots of sun! She is definitely solar powered, and loves to explore different cultures.
Rebecca Down
Rebecca Down Rebecca Down
Financial Imaginaut
Rebecca makes sure we don't spend too much money, and also checks that everyone is paying us on time! She's a massive Harry Potter fan, and also enjoys reading, beach BBQs, CrossFit, and coastal hikes.
Pavol Bobula
Pavol Bobula Pavol Bobula
Website & eCommerce Imaginaut
Our self-confessed “professional father” is also a web development wizard. Once we have a design, Pavol puts all the pieces of the puzzle together and the final picture generally exceeds all expectations.
Katie Atakulova
Katie Atakulova Katie Atakulova
Lead UI/UX Imaginaut
Creative Katie's favourite pastimes are watching TV shows and movies, reading books, as well as colouring pictures of different subjects, mainly with pencils or watercolours. She is a very keen traveller, and likes to come back home to her 3 dogs and 3 cats.
Anna Sytnyk
Anna Sytnyk Anna Sytnyk
Project Management
Anna is in love with her little dog. She paints everyday, loves yoga, and enjoys travelling, but is really afraid of planes and height! Last year she started to learn Turkish, to keep her mind focussed and busy. Anna likes to have things around her well-organised, and really doesn't like any mess in work and at home - maybe that's why she is a great project manager!
Vitalii Omelchenko
Vitalii Omelchenko Vitalii Omelchenko
Website & eCommerce Imaginaut
Vitalii is a huge fan of wakeboarding in the summer, and snowboarding during the winter months. As with many of our imaginauts, he loves to travel.
Nikita Litvinov
Nikita Litvinov Nikita Litvinov
UI/UX & Design Imaginaut
Nikita loves to watch TV shows and movies, and play board games with friends. Using his imagination is a major part of his work, as he creates beautiful website and web application designs and layouts for our customers.
Ivelina Ivanova
Ivelina Ivanova Ivelina Ivanova
SEO & UX Imaginaut
SEO and analytics specialist Ivelina loves to create illustrations in her free time. The outdoors calls at least once a year, and in down-time during cold winters, Ivelina is an avid reader and board game player.
Solomiya Stadnyk
Solomiya Stadnyk Solomiya Stadnyk
UI/UX & Design Imaginaut
Solomiya, a design geek, is addicted to sci-fi, space, fast cars, and high heels! She loves experiencing food and unknown cuisine on her travels, and is always ready for new challenges.
Anesa Bašić
Anesa Bašić Anesa Bašić
Content Imaginaut
Other than English and Bosnian / Croatian / Serbian, Anesa speaks German and Spanish proficiently, knows some basic to intermediate French, and is currently learning Italian. She has also learnt some basic Korean, and is familiar with the Korean alphabet and writing system. Next on her list is probably Swedish!
Louise Hartnett
Louise Hartnett Louise Hartnett
Content Imaginaut
Louise loves learning new recipes and getting better at cooking - she is vegetarian so she has to be quite experimental! Louise is also a big reader of Gothic and suspense fiction.
Richard Abrams
Richard Abrams Richard Abrams
Website Imaginaut
Musician? Conductor? Actor? Developer! Multi-talented Richard is responsible for several of our best MindTouch systems. If it’s not in MindTouch, let Richard build it for you.
Sergey Rodionov
Sergey Rodionov Sergey Rodionov
Illustration Imaginaut
Sergey is purpleplanet’s illustrator. He has created some beautiful graphics for our new site, and works with clients to add accompanying illustrations to their text. He also loves to draw in his free time, although spending time with the family is most important.
Anna Aloshyna
Anna Aloshyna Anna Aloshyna
UI/UX & Design Imaginaut
When Anna is not creating jaw-dropping designs for our clients, she loves to play action games on her console. To relieve the stress in between cooking up creations, Anna also creates yummy meals.
Lukas Kojala
Lukas Kojala Lukas Kojala
Automation Imaginaut
The imaginauts all love to travel, and Lukas is no exception. When he's at home, it's video game time, except for his main passion which is field hockey. Lukas has proudly represented his country in this sport!
Our Values
We utilise the talents of highly-skilled professionals on a project basis. Our combined skills enable us to complete every project successfully. We give our clients the best possible experience while working with us.
We are always open and upfront with our clients. We maintain close communication and give them access to timely, relevant, and clear information in every phase of the project.
Client-centric approach
Regardless of project size or budget, we strive to put our client’s best interest first. We want to build a lasting relationship that is based on trust and friendship.
How working with purpleplanet is different
purpleplanet vs. working with a freelancer
There are many very skilled individuals to be found on freelancing sites. More often than not a highly-talented developer will be an average designer or won’t know much about conversion optimisation.

purpleplanet has a broad spectrum of members. Our imaginauts specialise in all aspects of building and marketing successful websites and webshops. We can always provide the right person for every task and project.
purpleplanet vs. working with another agency
The main reason for hiring an agency is to ensure quality and professionalism in all project phases. Unfortunately, working with agencies very often means slow communication and progress. Sometimes, you will even pay expert rates and get a junior doing the majority of the work.

When working with purpleplanet, you get the best of both worlds. The agency quality in a freelancer setting. You can expect only top-level professionals working on your project. Plus an immediate personal attention with fast communication and turnaround.
Lukas Kojala
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      We are pleased to welcome you on the purpleplanet!
      To order the service package you’ve chosen, please fill in the form and we’ll get in touch with you soon.