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The purpleplanet Team

The company is officially a one-man show, which utilises the skills of highly-skilled professionals on a project basis. This means that purpleplanet can always provide the right person for every job, without the need to employ a huge staff and risk losing the personal relationship with the client.

About purpleplanet - Matt


When not singing a cappella or building his latest LEGO creation, Matt manages the team, the projects, the customers and the budget. He does most of the design, too.


Our self-confessed “professional father” is also our WordPress wizard. Once we have a design, Pavol puts all the pieces of the puzzle together and the final picture generally exceeds all expectations.

About purpleplanet - Pavol
About purpleplanet - Kristina


New projects don’t (unfortunately) just magically land on our desks. We need someone to go out into the big, mad, world-wide-web, and find new customers. That’s where Kristina comes in extremely useful! Selling the company’s services, writing excellent content, and finding potential clients is all in a day’s work for our SEO and marketing expert. It’s all about Customer Success!


Musician? Conductor? Actor? MindTouch and Freshdesk Brander! Multi-talented Richard is responsible for several of our best MindTouch systems. If it’s not in MindTouch, let Richard build it for you.

About purpleplanet - Richard
About purpleplanet - Frank


When he’s not rocking the barbecue, creating awesome steak sauces or sampling the finest malts, Frank is the man for all platforms. WordPress, Joomla, MindTouch – he’s got you covered.

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