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LinkedIn Marketing trends 2022

New Trends in LinkedIn Marketing 2022

LinkedIn isn’t just for job seekers and professionals. It can help grow businesses too!

We’ve made a list of LinkedIn marketing trends 2022 that you can expect to see in the coming year.

Though LinkedIn is popular amongst people looking for work, many businesses are catching on to its qualities too. You can use LinkedIn to create a valuable network of business owners, clients, customers, leads, employees, and freelance contractors.

LinkedIn is also a brilliant platform for building credibility and authority for your business since it has varied opportunities for posting adverts and content

You can also learn from industry experts who offer insider expertise on the platform. Plus – you can keep an eye on your competitors’ LinkedIn marketing strategies, so you’re not left out of the loop.

As of January 2022, the platform had 722 million users, and 22% of American users accessed it daily. According to LinkedIn, conversations between connected profiles grew by 55% between January 2020 and January 2021. LinkedIn is a global platform that allows you to reach people in twenty-four different languages. With all this available to you, there’s so much to take advantage of!

Since the marketing, business, and social media worlds are constantly evolving, it’s crucial that marketing teams and business owners remain current. So, the following is our list of LinkedIn marketing trends 2022. We’re sure you’ll find something here that you haven’t tried before.

Paid Ads

An advert on LinkedIn can reach 13% of the world’s population (over the age of thirteen)! Though other social media platforms have a higher reach, LinkedIn has a self-selected user-base that values new networking opportunities. Thus, we’ll be seeing more businesses using paid advertising on LinkedIn for B2B and B2C interactions this year.

Here are the types of adverts you can choose from:

  • Text Ads appear on the sides of users’ feeds and cost per impression.
  • Sponsored Ads will pop up on users’ feeds. You can boost existing Page posts in this way.
  • Sponsored Messaging sends customised adverts directly into users’ LinkedIn inboxes.

You can also spice up your advert output with sponsored job listings and photo carousels.

With LinkedIn adverts offering you more than 200 targeting characteristics, there are loads of ways to ensure your advertising reaches your desired audience.

Edit Messages 

You’ll now be able to edit sent messages in LinkedIn messenger!

It might not be a trend per se, but this is definitely an exciting new function that will benefit professionals and businesses alike. There’s no doubt it will be a highly used feature across the board since it offers a valuable thing:

The ability to edit sent messages is a brilliant prospect for professionals and business owners as it will help them look like pros.

The ability to rectify mistakes and clarify meanings will improve the communication between users and allow them to make good impressions on each other. Polished communication will get you a long way, whether you’re using LinkedIn messenger to pitch to prospective employers, forge new business alliances, or advertise to potential customers.

Repurposing Content

The next thing on the rise is repurposed content.

When you’ve worked hard on a piece of content, it’s a shame to only put it out there in one format or on one platform. There are a couple of ways you can give it more mileage by repurposing it:

You can repurpose an interview into a blog post or a blog post into an infographic. Alternatively, you can take a blog post you’ve written for LinkedIn and post it on your company website.

Top tip: if you’re going to do the latter, make sure you rewrite it sufficiently to throw Google off the scent of plagiarism. Though it’s your content to do with what you will, search engines will penalise content that appears to be similar to existing web pages.

A significant benefit of repurposing content is reaching new audiences.

Some people exclusively use Twitter and LinkedIn – so you can’t expect them to see your Facebook posts too. Equally, you don’t want to triple your original content output. That’s when repurposing your content comes in handy.

Top tip: did you know that employees are 14 times more likely to share content from their own employers than any other LinkedIn content? So, if you’ve just posted something new, go ahead and ask your team to share it!

Repurposing your content diversifies your range whilst maximising time and effort, increasing your online presence, and improving your SEO ranking.

Given that repurposing content comes with additional benefits beyond standard content creation, it’s had to join our list of LinkedIn marketing trends 2022.

Customised and Personalised Adverts with LinkedIn’s Dynamic Ads

When a business has a segmented audience, it’s important to target them accurately whilst still having a significant impact. LinkedIn’s Dynamic Ads feature takes personalisation to a whole new level.

Whilst letting you create separate advertising campaigns, LinkedIn’s changes to its marketing algorithm means that you can easily monitor and measure your advertising campaigns within the campaign manager.

This is a considerable effort by LinkedIn so that business owners can set themselves apart from each other with customised adverts.

Whether you want to generate leads, raise brand awareness, or prioritise potential traffic, Dynamic Ads can help. Your Dynamic Ads can include a user’s details such as their profile photo, name, and employer name.

You can also set a budget so you don’t accidentally go overboard. Plus, there are a few payment options to choose from, such as pay per click, impression, or message.

With this, you can now forge professional relationships and generate leads with flexible marketing campaigns that don’t burn a hole in your wallet.

Top tip: one way you can personalise your ads, whilst remaining optimised for LinkedIn, is by naming the audience you want to reach. E.g., starting your posts with “Calling all web developers” or “Are you a freelance writer?”

Images and Videos

Next on our list of LinkedIn marketing trends 2022 are Images and Videos. According to LinkedIn, successful Company Pages regularly post “rich” content such as posts with images and videos. They claim that putting pictures in posts leads to a 98 per cent higher comment rate, and adding links to YouTube videos results in a 75 per cent higher sharing rate.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to dump the plainer text posts and get creative! You could add photos, infographics, videos, or SlideShare presentations to your posts.

Images are a great way to optimise your content for LinkedIn. This year, a rise in image and video posts is expected, making it a special one to watch on our list of LinkedIn marketing trends 2022.

Less Salesy Advertising

Internet users are so familiar with sales talk – they’ll always know when someone’s trying to sell them something. (Whether you’re using overly salesy talk or not).

The difference is that salesy talk can be highly off-putting, and modern-day consumers are more appreciative of a conversational tone, trustworthy brands, and non-pushy marketing efforts.

Another way to keep your sales “human”, whilst optimising your content, is to limit yourself to two or three well-placed hashtags.

Marketers are catching on to the need for advertising with a conversational tone. This can encourage targeted audiences to trust brands and feel like they relate to their needs and attitudes. The future of marketing is looking more casual and colloquial in style, so we’ll see more of this in the coming year.

Become an Industry Expert

One valuable way of connecting with your audience is by writing long articles. These can build brand authority as Google loves websites with lots of high-quality information. Plus, many users nowadays want to be educated by the internet and will happily read informative articles if they teach them something.

If your articles are well-written, well-researched, and well-polished, you’ll be able to build a reputation as a leader and expert in your industry. An authoritative reputation is constructed only when a website has a vast repertoire of informative content, which takes time and consistency.

Did you know that companies posting weekly on LinkedIn see a two times higher engagement rate?

According to LinkedIn, B2B decision-makers are willing to pay more to work with companies that publish this kind of content. They call this: “thought leadership”.

We expect to see a significant rise in thought leadership in the next year – and even the years after that! Our list of LinkedIn marketing trends 2022 wouldn’t be complete without this trend, as it’s really catching on. Any business in their right mind about SEO will be forging (or implementing) a content strategy for this purpose right now.

Top tip: in 2020, LinkedIn saw a growth of 60% in content production on the platform. If you’re going to put content out there, be aware that you’ve got competition. But, if you’re consistent and you promote your older posts, you’ll be on the right track. Also, remember to utilise any personalisation that you can.

Video Chat

The last on our list of LinkedIn marketing trends 2022 is Video Chat. Advancing its social features from just text chat to video chat as well, LinkedIn is reinventing itself from its former identity. It’s no longer just a networking or recruitment site, but a communication hub too.

LinkedIn Video Chat allows you to hold video calls, schedule them for later, send messages, share screens, and share documents and files.

Many platforms offered video chat over COVID-19, connecting millions of employees working remotely from home. This need for remote communication is expected to continue with “working from home” still available as an option to many employees globally.

Plus, many businesses are reaching out to remote freelance contractors to obtain the benefits of the gig economy.

Whilst LinkedIn is meeting these demands, it’s offering more than just remote communication channels. The Video Chat feature will provide another aspect of the recruitment process. Not only can businesses find employees via LinkedIn, but they can interview them on it too – and potentially remain in contact via this medium throughout contractual periods.

Final Thoughts

In the post-pandemic business landscape, numerous things have changed. The main difference is a considerable amount of online shopping – which is great news for e-commerce business owners.

Since changes can occur in the marketing, social media, and business worlds at any time, business owners and marketing teams must stay up to date. Implementing some of these LinkedIn marketing trends 2022 will help you take significant steps to improve your B2C and B2B relations in the next year.

If you’d like some help with your social media strategy, we’re here for you. Choose between three social media management plans to get the right one for your business. We also offer support with paid advertising strategies so you can target your ideal customers and get fast results.

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