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Use Videos and Images on your website

Why You Should Use Visual Content On Your Website

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With the rise of internet technology, the overload of information has really become a problem. We see tons of ads and receive dozens of emails we never open. Even if we do open them, they lead us to websites we hardly ever visit again.

What if you are a great company, with a nice product or service range, looking for better ways to engage with your current visitors?

How can you make your customers actually read and listen to what you say? And how can you distinguish yourself among the thousands of messages, letters, and blog articles they read on a daily basis?

One of the most underestimated yet most promising ways to engage with your potential visitors is visual content.

Visual content, and how people engage with it

Visuals come in different forms. They can be images, illustrations, animations, and videos. Visuals certainly changed the way we perceive content and the expectations we have toward it. Moreover, visuals help us explain, understand, and remember important information more easily.

According to an online survey conducted by Statista in August 2020, 27.2% of online viewers spend more than 10 hours watching video content online on a weekly basis. Moreover, video consumption is expected to grow continuously over the next several years.

Visual Content is Engaging

Cisco’s forecast regarding internet consumption is that globally, consumer internet video traffic will be 82% of total Internet traffic by 2022, up from 73% in 2017.

Beautifully-styled visuals help us imagine, admire and become inspired. It’s no wonder such social media platforms as YouTube, TikTok and Instagram put visual content as the main focus – it’s one of the best ways to get the attention of your potential audience.

Are you still wondering whether it’s worth using video content on your website? 

Here are some of the main reasons why.

Visual content helps acquire information more effectively

There is a saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words”, and that applies to website usage as well.

In some cases, visual content may replace hundreds of words or support them. Images and videos are used in educational establishments to help students digest large amounts of complicated information more easily.

For the same reason, we use visual content in website design and online marketing to:

  • Provide a better understanding of the website’s purpose
  • Navigate through various categories and subcategories
  • Showcase the products on the product pages in e-commerce stores
  • Provide visual breaks throughout blog articles

If you don’t use visuals you might bore your users. They might leave your website and search for another source of information.

Images and videos are great ways to engage and interact with your audience. They bring diversity. They help to avoid situations where visitors get bored while navigating through the website.

Visual content delivers information more directly

Visuals not only help in digesting content better, but in some cases, messages cannot be conveyed without images. Take reports and statistics for example:

Using videos for website

With a few glances, you can see the relationship between different video channels, the age of the viewers, and what people prefer to watch, according to age.

Now, imagine reading a dry text, and trying to bring the same message across without having visual assistance.

There is no doubt that without visuals people might not completely understand whatever you’re trying to explain.

Visual content helps capture users’ short attention span

Humans have a short attention span. For instance, the average user can become easily bored from staring at long paragraphs of text.

In the digital world, you don’t have much time to capture the attention of your readers. So you need to help them better understand whatever you’re talking about by using quality images and videos that benefit your reader’s experience on the website.

Here is an example of a visually rich “about us” page, from Suspended Coffees. The page urges users to go end explore more.

Visual content for about us page

Firstly, the page is well structured. Secondly, here is an image of a delicious coffee, which captures the user’s attention. There is a “watch video” link, which helps to tell the website’s story with ease.

Here is another example from our own website.

Images tell the brand story

For instance, we use illustrations to capture our target audience’s attention, and present our services to them. The illustrations help convey emotions that plain text alone won’t be able to achieve.

Visual content helps raise brand awareness and engage your audience

Videos and images are the best way to connect with your audience and humanise your brand. In addition, visuals skyrocket a user’s engagement, and allow you to build a relationship with your followers.

People tend to buy products from brands they trust and can resonate with. So, don’t be afraid to share your brand story online, show off work in progress, the process behind the scenes, the challenges, and the successes.

Visuals capture emotions

The images on the left convey positive emotions. Readers are able to see the company values and recognise themselves in these values.

When you watch a video of a brand, your brain sends subconscious trust signals.

Therefore, if they need a service similar to what you offer, they’ll be more likely to choose your company.

Bring value to your followers and your efforts will pay off.

Visual content is memorable

Recent research shows that people remember only 10% of what they read, 30% of what they see, and 50% of what they see and hear.

That means that people are more likely to remember your message if they receive it in a video format. To increase customer loyalty toward your brand you need to create a positive memorable experience for your audience.

Visual content helps you stand out from the competition

Most businesses still don’t take advantage of the power visuals hold. Most of your competitors are probably not using images and videos in their content strategy. Take the opportunity to get ahead of your competitors in search results and social media.

What do you think? Will people pay more attention to your company’s video or to the long about us page of your competitor?

People will remember the video.

Videos and images are easier to share, and you have the opportunity to have your message spread, thanks to your audience.

Visual content can help you rank higher in search results

“Content is King”, which includes images and videos as well. For instance, Google is starting to favour more visual content over plain articles.

If you create a blog post that includes videos or images, you have the chance to land a “Featured” snippet right at the top of the search results page.

So, take a look at this SERP example.

Image results Onsite SEO

The Moz website is a great example of smart use of photos and videos. A complex topic, such as on-page SEO, requires visual explanation.

Canonical SEO - image results

Google has the same opinion. It ranks videos and images over plain text articles. In addition to that, you even have the opportunity of landing a featured snippet. It’s visually appealing in comparison to other SERP results, and can drive tons of traffic to your website.

Here is another example:

Image SEO results

So, don’t be afraid to use images and videos in your content. They do pay off!

Optimise your images for SEO: add keywords in the image and video titles, descriptions, and alt tags.

Visual content increases website traffic

Better positioning in search results means more relevant traffic to your website. Therefore, quality visual content will keep users on your site and encourage them to learn more about what you do.

Still wondering whether it’s worth investing in creating video content? Think about how much website traffic you might gain and how many more marketing channels you can cover.

Visual content improves conversion rate

Visual content is an important part of the buyer’s journey. A successful video content marketing strategy can increase overall sales. Videos have the power to influence people, connect them with your brand, and build their trust. And with higher trust comes higher sales.

Last, but not least, you should use videos and images because…

People love it!

We are visual creatures and we love perceiving the surrounding world through visuals. The digital world is no exception. Therefore, we feel different sorts of connections to visual information.

The power that visuals possess is undeniable. As a business owner, you need to rethink your digital marketing strategy in a way that utilises that power. That means creating engaging and visually pleasing content.

Start adding one or two relevant images across your blog posts. For instance, think about what video content you could use on your website: customer’s feedback, quick tips and advice, product overview, onboarding guides.


Interesting fact: According to Google Advice, and the research performed by a real giant in online audience growth hacking, Dot Lung, the secret recipe of visual content lies in the value it brings. If you have great advice to share with your audience, do it. Even if you don’t have a personal studio to make a Hollywood-quality movie. People buy into the value you bring to them.

Don’t be afraid of trying all the benefits of visual content! You’ll see, the results won’t keep you waiting. The bounce rate will decrease and customers will engage with your content more, and ask for more.

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