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Facebook Marketing Trends 2022

Facebook Marketing Trends to Expect in 2022

Harness the power of Facebook marketing trends 2022 to skyrocket your business’s marketing strategy

So, you want to know what’s happening with Facebook marketing.

Unfortunately, the current outlook predicts Facebook marketing features will become increasingly expensive for business owners. In fact, global spending on Facebook Ads was 50% up in 2021 from 2020. Understandably, this rise in cost is a worrying prospect for smaller businesses without excess funds to spare. Therefore, we recommend companies be extra prudent with their Facebook marketing strategies this year. Don’t worry – it can be done successfully.

To make matters worse, Instagram and TikTok gained millions more users in 2021 than Facebook. Meanwhile, Facebook has been steadily losing its engagement rate and reach.

Despite these discouraging figures, hope isn’t lost. Many marketers firmly believe in Facebook, and there’s no doubt it’s a far-reaching platform with exceptional audience insights and hundreds of marketing possibilities. Furthermore, there’s much faith amongst marketers in the rise in popularity of Facebook Stories and video adverts.

Marketing teams can remain effective if they stay up to date with changing trends; businesses must evolve their marketing strategies to keep up with Facebook’s fluctuating landscape.

If you want to target the right audience, emit a trustworthy reputation, build brand awareness, and be accessible to online customers, Facebook can help.

To keep you up to date, stay ahead of your competitors, and keep engaging your customer base, we’ve compiled a list of Facebook trends 2022 that you can expect to become popular in the next year.

Later, we’ll give you some tips for getting the most out of Facebook marketing, but first, we’ll go over the Facebook marketing trends 2022:

1. Images and Videos

On Facebook, images are the most popular type of content, followed closely by videos. Research looking at brand profiles found that images accounted for 72.5% of Facebook content whilst videos came in second at 16.5%.

But before you ramp up your image output, the research also found that videos have the highest click-through-rate and the lowest cost-per-click. Furthermore, although Facebook Live videos were last at 0.7%, they had the highest number of organic interactions.

Although sticking with images might be the most popular way to go, clearly, videos and Live videos are cheap and effective options.

With the rising cost of Facebook marketing features, we’re going to be seeing an increase in cost-effective methods, including videos and Live videos.

If you do decide to go for an image post for your next advert, how are you going to caption it? Research shows that posts with very short and very long captions receive more interactions than those with medium-length captions.

The results from this study suggest users split content into two categories when it comes to caption length: longer captions for informative or personal stories and short captions for posts where the image is the focus.

So, you’re going for an informative post, don’t be shy to really go for it and write a lengthy caption.

2. Ethical Brand Values

The number of hashtags used like #pride and #pridemonth tripled in 2021, which isn’t surprising given the rise in conversation about LGBT+ issues. Furthermore, discussions about the environment, gender, and race have all been on the rise.

As a result, consumers want to know what companies are doing to support these issues. That’s why it’s an item on our list of Facebook trends 2022. 63% of consumers prefer to shop with brands that reflect their values and beliefs.

Furthermore, consumers with enough disposable income are becoming more selective with where they spend their money. They’re choosing brands with green consciences and policies, companies led by women or POC (or at least have equal racial representation), and businesses that are free from scrutiny from human rights groups.

These consumers prove that they’re more likely to buy from a company aligned with their moral beliefs. What is your brand doing to respond to the increased interest in societal and environmental issues?

3. Not pushing sales too much!

Consumers weren’t born yesterday – they know when a post is trying to sell them something. There’s nothing wrong with that, but overly salesy posts can be highly off-putting.

In fact, research tells us to not push too much on sales as Facebook will punish us for it.

One way people can spot a salesy post is by the number of hashtags it has. An examination of news and media accounts on Instagram found that posts with no hashtags received twice the number of interactions than posts with hashtags.

Additionally, the research found that posts with fewer but more relevant hashtags received more engagement than those with many hashtags.

Many companies with successful Facebook marketing know the value of keeping things simple, and that’s what we’ll be seeing more of this year.

4. Customer Journey Tracking

Facebook Pixels is a piece of code you can put into your business’s website to measure the effectiveness of your advertising efforts.

This free tool allows you to track and measure user actions from when they click on a link in your advert. Plus, it will collect information about how users interact with your adverts, including how long it took for them to interact with them.

Facebook Pixels also gives you data on your users’ devices, names, email addresses, languages, locations, and cookies. Furthermore, it will tell you which other pages and adverts they interacted with before they opened yours and whilst your advert was open.

Facebook say this tool is valuable because it enables you to measure the results of your adverts, ensure the desired people see your adverts, and increase the number of sales by bidding.

Customer journey tracking lets users see the touchpoints that led to a conversion by users who have visited your site before via an advert.

Since Facebook Pixels is a free tool, we will see a significant increase in its usage whilst advertising costs rise. Furthermore, the insights it provides will actually save businesses more money on advertising, since their well-strategised adverts will be much more effective.

5. Customer Service

64% of people prefer to message a business about an inquiry rather than telephone them.

Your business’s Facebook page will be a popular point of contact for potential and existing customers. You’ll want a well-functioning customer service process to answer all their queries adequately.

You might not have enough staff to monitor Facebook messages. In this case, you might want to consider jumping on this well-liked trend: Facebook chatbots. Chatbots are becoming very popular with businesses, and that’s why they’ve made their way onto our list of Facebook trends 2022!

We’ll explain the best ways to use chatbots later.

6. Personalised Ads

Research suggests that 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase if the company has offered a personalised experience. Many brands are picking up on this need and using more personalisation tactics in their marketing strategies.

A personalised advert might include a customer’s name or be tailored to an individual based on their personal data collected by Facebook.

Facebook can pride itself on its audience targeting capabilities, which are higher than any other social media platform. If you want your business to reach more of its target customers, then Facebook can help.

Facebook’s large amount of customer data allows you to craft your advertising strategy to be highly personalised to your target market. Use Audience Insights to obtain information about user behaviour, intent, socioeconomics, and demographics.

Facebook IQ can provide you with the latest data, media behaviour, and category insights. You can also use Facebook’s Audience Selection Tools to reach your core audience, custom audience, and lookalike audience.

How to use and get the most out of Facebook marketing

Whether your business is set up on Facebook or not, there are always things you can do to improve your marketing strategy – from the simple things to the more complex.

Here are some of our top tips for optimising your usage of Facebook marketing and implementing some of the items on our list of Facebook trends 2022.

Get set up for free

If you haven’t got one already, it’s free for you to make a Facebook Page for your business. Plus, there are loads of free and low-cost features you can use to obtain insights about your audience and reach the right people. Since it’s getting more expensive to use some of Facebook’s marketing features, we recommend utilising what you can get for free.

When you set up your page, don’t forget to include links to your online shop (if applicable) and contact information. This stuff sounds basic, but simplicity can be super helpful for customers. Don’t start all the technical stuff until you solidify your fundamentals.

Different kinds of post

Use pinned posts to direct page visitors to something you want them to see. Remember that pinned posts stay pinned for seven days at a time until you unpin them or pin them again. You could pin a link to a limited offer, a new product/service, or a popular blog post that you know converts.

Don’t just stick to text posts – images, videos, and live videos have high engagement rates. You can do link posts too, but these get less engagement than videos and pictures, so you won’t want to rely on these entirely.

Decide how much of each type of content you’ll post. Some say the 80-20 rule is an effective ratio. In this strategy, 20% of your posts promote your brand, products, or services and 80% entertain and inform your audience.

This rule works because people use social media for social purposes; they want to be engaged in discussion, be shown new ideas, and be entertained. Therefore, they’ll be put off if you’re always giving them a sales pitch. Plus, the entertaining posts will be much more likely to be shared. Thus, increasing your social reach.

Lastly, you can use Page Insights to work out the best times to post. This trend can be very valuable. Use Facebook Business Manager to keep an eye on your organic and paid Facebook posts.

Get to know your audience

Use Audience Insights and Facebook Pixels to learn about your audience: age, gender, education, relationship status, location, language, Facebook usage, and past purchasing history are valuable insights that can inform your strategy.

Be available for customer queries

If you want to improve this part of your business but don’t have the workforce to manage customer messages, Facebook have their own chatbot! This chatbot is free to use and can be effective if kept simple.

Be careful of jumping on the chatbot trend – it only works in certain simple circumstances. It can be ideal if you get a high volume of easy-to-answer questions every day. You can set up your chatbot to answer these straightforward questions without hiccups.

Create a community

Create a Facebook group for your potential and current customers. If your brand develops a passionate following, they will be repeat-buying and keen to try new products as they come out.

A Facebook group is similar to a mailing list, but you can send updates right to peoples’ Facebook accounts instead of their mail inboxes. It might also have the extra benefit of customer service: other customers might answer some questions with first-hand experience of your products – a free customer service solution!


So, there we have it! There are the Facebook marketing trends 2022. Staying on top of trends as they emerge can help your business stand out against your competitors.

If you’re a small business with a tight marketing budget, you can still make some impressive changes to your Facebook strategy without breaking the bank.

Customers have a brilliant eye for outdated marketing techniques and sales talk. Therefore, it’s crucial that you stay on trend as you might get left behind in exchange for more modern competitors.

If you’d like some help with your social media strategy, we’re here for you. Choose between three social media management plans to get the right one for your business. We also offer support with paid advertising strategies so you can target your ideal customers and get fast results.



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