Flexible curves, vibrant colours, and supportive thick strokes – everything on the website is designed to promote well-being, happiness and healthiness, through ongoing use of ErgoErgo.

The previous ErgoErgo website was nice. It was clean, concise, and to the point. It wasn’t, however, built to promote the product, and that’s why purpleplanet were asked to redesign and rebuild. The original brand green had to continue to be used, but more colourful promotional images should be incorporated and imaginative text placement was required.


purpleplanet transformed the old ErgoErgo website into a comfortable, mobile-friendly e-commerce experience, which offers visitors an opportunity to learn about the products and find a suitable outlet to purchase them online. The solution required a combination of marketing techniques to display all the advantages of ErgoErgo in a convenient and engaging manner, with the design as vibrant and inviting as the product itself.

In order to maintain visitor interest, and to break up large blocks of text, the advantages of active sitting, product descriptions, and testimonials are interspersed with custom-designed icons, relevant images, and branded background areas.

Displaying the awards won by the brand helps gain even more visitor trust, and potentially more orders.

Brand Style Guide

The green used is part of the established ErgoErgo brand, so it was decided early in the project to retain the trust that this colour provides. to offset the green, and to highlight important information on the website, we chose a bright orange, which is one of the colours the ErgoErgo product is available in.
Proxima Nova
Proxima Nova is a hybrid that combines modern proportions with a geometric appearance. Originally released in 1994 as Proxima Sans, with a basic character set in three weights (Regular, Medium, and Black) with italics, it has now expanded into a full-featured and versatile family of 42 fonts.
purpleplanet took on the redesign of our website for us. We are very satisfied with the implementation of the work and the resulting website, and we have received positive feedback from our customers. Price and performance were met as agreed, and we would recommend purpleplanet without hesitation.
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