Art Habit

A clean, clear website, dedicated to presenting beautiful artwork for sale.

We were hired by our partner Sharkey Advertising to develop a new brand by creating a fresh, elegant logo identity and a new online e-commerce experience.

We should focus on user experience, creation of visual impact, and strong brand communication, ensuring a clear brand experience. Keeping an eye out for maintaining brand consistency across marketing vehicles, our ongoing marketing plan is in place to reach the target audience and drive maximum results.


We developed an e-commerce, responsive web presence for this new West Coast USA art dealer. Product assortment, Intuitive structure, and easy navigation help to clearly communicate the Art Habit brand, and create a strong connection with the target audience. Our approach to the end-to-end branding revealed meaningful insights to create strategies that engage the customer, and aim to build long-standing relationships.

Brand Style Guide

The client asked for a "hand-written" logo, which should represent an artist's signature on their painting. We had several alternatives for them to choose from, and the final choice was one we all felt extremely happy with.

We kept the design as minimal as possible, in order to focus on the stunning art pieces being presented on the site. A white canvas with gold framing was the direction we took.
Source Sans Pro
Source Sans Pro, Adobe's first open source typeface family, is a sans serif typeface intended to work well in user interfaces. The font face draws inspiration from the clarity and legibility of twentieth-century American gothic typeface designs.
Gotham Book
An unmannered sans serif with a large lowercase, clear gestures, and generous fit, Gotham is naturally at home in the widest range of sizes. Owing to its short ascenders and descenders, Gotham sits ‘large on the body,’ appearing bigger than expected at text sizes, and inviting tight leading.
Art Habit
Art Habit
Art Habit
Art Habit
Art Habit
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