The new website and brand identity reflect the balance of technology, finance and healthcare by utilising soft shades of blue with tech & health icons throughout. The flow of this single long page has a minimalistic feel, using a simple colour palette, clean iconography and text, to provide a consistent journey, pairing the hexagon artwork and copy.

The client had clear ideas about what they wanted, in terms of a clean, modern layout, with plenty of white space. The hexagons in the design were also important, so we had to make sure that was in integral part of whatever we created. We had the shades of blue from the newly-redesigned company logo, so that would be our basis for the website’s colours.


Working with our partner company, Sharkey Advertising, we were hired to utilise the client’s new brand identity to develop a single-page website for this start-up company. We have launched a responsive website featuring a unique modern design. The new website flows vertically, with the hexagon-branded element throughout this clean, organised, and easy to navigate user-friendly page. This provides visitors with an easy way to learn about Healthalytica, and the products and services they provide.

Brand Style Guide

Having been provided with a new company logo, we discussed several colour variations and combinations with the client, and eventually settled on using various shades of blue in both the logo and the website brand identity.
Pirulen is a wide, hi-tech headliner font. Although it bears some resemblance to Bank Gothic, Pirulen does away with any trace of warmth or humanity; this typeface was made for machines. The lambda-style Λ gives Pirulen a stark look.
Proxima Nova
Proxima Nova is a hybrid that combines modern proportions with a geometric appearance. Originally released in 1994 as Proxima Sans, with a basic character set in three weights (Regular, Medium, and Black) with italics, it has now expanded into a full-featured and versatile family of 42 fonts.
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