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Using a Grid System in a Website Layout

14 September 2016 by in category WordPress Design tagged as , ,

Most modern websites are built using a grid system. Grids allow for scalable and consistent layout on every device and, since responsiveness became a web standard, they have become more important than ever. Find out more about grid system and ways to benefit from a grid-based website layout. Principles of design and page layout There are [...]

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Time to update your website

29 February 2016 by in category Branding, WordPress Design, WordPress Development tagged as

When is the time to update your website? Promoting your brand isn’t just about business cards, brochures and exhibitions. Your website is often the first place that potential customers will go to understand more about your business. It’s important that this first impression isn’t just lasting, but also positive. The web moves very quickly. It’s easy [...]

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Why choose a freelancer instead of an agency?

14 January 2016 by in category WordPress Design, WordPress Development tagged as

When embarking on a new design or web project, you are first faced with the decision of who you want to work with. If it’s going to be outsourced, then you have a choice: freelancer or agency. What is the difference between a freelancer and an agency? Usually, a freelancer is one person offering their [...]

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Why do I need a WordPress website?

6 January 2016 by in category WordPress Design, WordPress Development tagged as

WordPress is the most popular CMS (content management system) on the planet. Around 20% of all websites on the Internet are built using WordPress. Although this figure may seem fairly low, but 20% of around one billion websites worldwide equates to around two hundred million that are powered by WordPress. WordPress started out as a [...]

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Website Redesign

8 December 2015 by in category Branding, WordPress Design tagged as

Before we can start working on your new web design, there are several important things you need to know. This is to ensure that your branding is targeted and will help you towards achieving your business goals. Your Target Audience If you don't know who your audience is, you won't be able to reach them. [...]

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Do I need a Responsive Website?

12 December 2014 by in category WordPress Design, WordPress Development tagged as

If the meaning behind the term "responsive website" is unfamiliar to you, you're more than likely in the majority. Let's start with some background information, for those who aren't familiar with this fairly new functionality. Responsive websites adjust automatically to fit on desktop, tablet and smartphone browsers. In the past, you've probably opened a website [...]

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