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Now that you have your WordPress website, you need to make sure that it remains as the centrepiece of your digital portfolio. This requires time and dedication, to ensure that visitors to your site get the best experience possible.

You are responsible for the content, but who looks after the website? Who performs those critical core code or plugin updates and makes sure spam isn’t being posted to your pages? If no-one does this, or you don’t have the time to manage the site yourself, then we have the solution for you.

Mission Control

We’re delighted to be able to offer fantastic WordPress maintenance service to our customers. purpleplanet Mission Control brings all your WordPress management needs into a single dashboard, which we can use to maintain backups, plugins and theme updates, and remove spam messages on your website. You will never have to worry about the core functionally of your website again, leaving you to concentrate on page content, blog posts and your overall marketing message.

The service uses a secure web-based control panel to monitor the elements that make up your web presence – we take care of everything for you.

Secure, Reliable Backups

Hacks, server crashes, updates gone wrong – an up-to-date backup will save the day. Mission Control backups are built to run reliably, no matter how large your website is, or where it is hosted. We offer incremental backups, with minimum resource usage and permanent off-site storage, so in the case of a problem, your site is quickly retrievable and restored to a clean version within minutes.

Seamless Updates

Managing your themes and plugins is no longer a hassle for you. Mission Control can review which of your WordPress sites have themes and plugins that need updating, and easily bring your site elements up to the latest versions. We can also make sure that your WordPress core system is always as updated as it needs to be.

Clean Content

Mission Control can monitor spam coming into your website and keep your posts clean, allowing you the peace of mind that the comments your work receives are legitimate and safe. We’ll also check regularly to make sure no malware has wormed its way into your code.

WordPress Maintenance

WordPress Maintenance

from $25/month

Secure Daily Backup/Restore

Core WordPress Updates

Theme Updates

Plugin Updates

Spam Post Management

Security Scans

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How we charge for what we do...

purpleplanet charges on a Time & Materials basis. We’ve found this works best for all parties, as we get paid for exactly what we’ve done and you only pay for the work completed.

The cost per hour is $100.00 USD. Standard procedure is to invoice for 50% of the estimated project cost before work begins. The actual remainder is then invoiced as the closing balance, once work is complete and signed-off.

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