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Kinnser Software, Inc. was founded in 2003 to create solutions that deliver clinical and business results to the home health industry. Today, Kinnser is the fastest-growing software in home health, and leads the industry in innovative, web-based home health software and world-class customer support.

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The Challenge

We were initially approached by Kinnser Software back in December 2014. They were a reasonably new MindTouch customer, and wanted to discuss a rebranding of their MindTouch 4 system. Things were put on hold, as the client decided to wait until MindTouch Responsive become available.

As with many MindTouch branding projects, the main challenge here was trying to rebrand the knowledge base enough to seamlessly fit with the rest of Kinnser’s websites, without putting unnecessary stress on the MindTouch core code. Although the look and feel of the site was to remain clean and flat, the client had a few special non-standard functionality requirements:

  • Customized portfolio branding
  • Rollover on category icons, to show sub-level pages
  • A list of guides on the same level as the currently viewed guide page
  • A custom Requirements block and highlighted callouts on article-level pages
The Solution Icon

The Solution

The project took around 8 weeks from contract sign-off to going live, and the client is extremely happy with the results, especially the manner in which we’ve achieved the customer requirements not included in the standard MindTouch framework.

Kinnser Software now has a modern, quick, informative customer success portal, from which their clients will benefit for some time.

One of the trickiest but most rewarding features of the Kinnser MindTouch project was getting the guide sub-levels into a hover overlay of the category box, to reduce space required on the screen, and thus bringing more categories “above the fold”.

In a standard MindTouch detailed category page block, the following is shown:

  • Guide Title
  • Guide Icon
  • Guide Overview
  • 5 Sub-Guide Article Links
  • A “Show More” link (three dots)

With the help of CSS overrides and some simple jQuery, we manoeuvred these elements in such a way that each category shows the title at the top of the area, with a large custom category icon beneath. The title is linked to the sub-level guide, and hovering over the icon produces a semi-transparent overlay, which contains the 5 sub-guide article links and a “SEE ALL TOPICS” link, which is effectively the same as the link on the area title.

icon feedback

Travis Ward

Technical Writing Supervisor

We were looking for an affordable web page design contractor who was experienced in working with MindTouch and its design/scripting language.

purpleplanet was knowledgable about MindTouch’s own proprietary scripts, as well as web design in general. They were able to create the designs we wanted, based on our mockups, with a high level of fidelity and flexibility.

purpleplanet provided affordable high-quality web design work that improved our site’s branding, look-and-feel, and interface.



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